Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


Wow! The Media Committee has an interesting job. 

Made up from members of the Leadership Team “General Member’s Chamber”, their job is to use the funds from the Treasury to promote approved “issues” that have come out of the “Sectors” ratified by the Evangelising Committee and permitted by the Leadership Team and sanctioned by the President after consultation with Mission Watch. 

A process of five examinations by five different bodies is the method the Peter & Paul’s Mission uses to filter and scrutinize how the mission invests the Lord’s money. This removes the risk of any one person committing the mission to a single “issue”.

Once all the internal examinations have been completed and approved by all the missions authorised management groups, the Media Committee considers the best way to market the “issue”. Occasionally an “issue” may require no advertising or promotion at all, while other “issues” may necessitate significant mission assets and/or revenue.

The Media Committee is in command of promoting “issues” that require revenue to be spent on the promotion of the “issue