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The Evangelising Committee brings campaigns that all the Sectors have been working on before a meeting of the combined Diplomats and the Ambassador. These multiple campaigns come to one table in the evangelising committee. Here the Diplomats from all registered Sectors meet to discuss the most worthy campaigns to send to the Leadership Team for approval funding and implementation as official Mission Campaigns.

Wow! The Media Committee has an interesting job. 

Made up from members of the Leadership Team “General Member’s Chamber”, their job is to use the funds from the Treasury to promote approved “issues” that have come out of the “Sectors” ratified by the Evangelising Committee and permitted by the Leadership Team and sanctioned by the President after consultation with Mission Watch. 

A process of five examinations by five different bodies is the method the Peter & Paul’s Mission uses to filter and scrutinize how the mission invests the Lord’s money. This removes the risk of any one person committing the mission to a single “issue”.

Once all the internal examinations have been completed and approved by all the missions authorised management groups, the Media Committee considers the best way to market the “issue”. Occasionally an “issue” may require no advertising or promotion at all, while other “issues” may necessitate significant mission assets and/or revenue.

The Media Committee is in command of promoting “issues” that require revenue to be spent on the promotion of the “issue

Print campaigns are run regularly by the Peter & Paul’s Mission. They are fun and exciting, and help to make a real difference to the “issues” our “Sectors” are campaigning for.

The Peter & Paul’s Mission has a committee made up of members from the General Member Chamber. The General Member’s Chamber is a body of people who have been sent to the mission by participating churches who have a “Sector” registered with the mission. The General Member’s Chamber comprises the representatives at the head of the mission’s judiciary. Referred to as the Leadership Team, they are responsible for the day to day running of the mission, and to ensure mission policies and programs are being implemented and obeyed.

The committee we call the “Media Committee”  has the job to design television commercials and/or any other marketing, once all the missions internal examinations have been completed and approved by all the mission’s authorised management groups.

Print campaigns currently running can be found by clicking Ambassador’s Committee.

Our Missionary’s work, entirely to bring glory to God, our biblical rational for the mission is Luke 10:7 where Jesus makes it very clear that the missionaries who are sent out as lambs amongst the wolves should not have to worry about how they feed themselves and how they resource their missions. This is our responsibility as followers of Jesus to supply all of our brothers and sisters needs that are missionary’s. (Extract from our constitution.)

Peter & Paul’s Mission is ready to assist any Christian mission taking part in the Great Commission.

If your mission for the Lord needs help with resources from manpower to assets or cash support, contact a participating church and ask to attend their next “Sector” gathering. Once the Diplomat or Ambassador has privately met with you, they may invite you to address their “Sector”. Your mission will need to convince the “Sector “to adopt your mission needs as an” Issue “and lobby for the support for your mission needs at an Evangelising Committee meeting.

On occasion you may find that you fail to gain support for what your mission is seeking from that individual “Sector”.  Don’t give up. It may just be that the  ”Sector” you approached already has Issues that they are trying to get funded. ‘’Sectors” can only take one Issue to an Evangelising Committee meeting at a time. Your mission, certainly if it is involved and taking part in the Great Commission, is entitled to expect support from Peter & Paul’s Mission.  Re-read the Extract from our Constitution at the top of this page, then seek another local church with a different” Sector “to adopt your mission as an “Issue”(each church has a” Sector” that is independent from all the other “Sectors”,  yet is still part of Peter & Paul’s Mission.). Find a participating church here  Local Church Leaders Register Here.

Still no resolution and unable to find a “Sector”  to adopt your missions needs as an “Issue”?

Peter & Paul’s Mission do have a procedure, a safety-net built into its Constitution, to ensure we are performing the commission God has called us to.

Contact The Independent Team Member and ask for help, click Make a complaint to The Independent Team Member.

The Independent Team Member has the authority to set up a private meeting with our president and your mission.

Does your church have a project that could use some help?  Contact your Sector’s diplomat and ask them to arrange a meeting with the Ambassador. 

Our ambassador wants to help and has meetings with all diplomats from all “Sectors” regularly.

Some of these diplomats have “Sectors” that have hundreds of financial members.  While all “Sectors” have different numbers of members, consider this: if thirty “Sectors” had only fifty members, that is a working bee of one thousand five hundred people, as well as hundreds of businesses that are members of our Christian Business Chamber ( CBC ) that may be able to help. 

Does your church have a project that needs funding?

Do you have a Sector Appropriately Registered with Peter & Paul’s Mission?   

Let your Sector Leader know that you want the project adopted as an ‘’ISSUE’’ to be considered at an Evangelising Committee Meeting for Leadership Team funding consideration. Also, ask your “sector” diplomat how much representation your church currently has on the Leadership Team. 

Remember you need to have a” Sector” appropriately registered with Peter & Paul’s Mission to be able to seek support from the mission.