Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


Does your church have a project that could use some help?  Contact your Sector’s diplomat and ask them to arrange a meeting with the Ambassador. 

Our ambassador wants to help and has meetings with all diplomats from all “Sectors” regularly.

Some of these diplomats have “Sectors” that have hundreds of financial members.  While all “Sectors” have different numbers of members, consider this: if thirty “Sectors” had only fifty members, that is a working bee of one thousand five hundred people, as well as hundreds of businesses that are members of our Christian Business Chamber ( CBC ) that may be able to help. 

Does your church have a project that needs funding?

Do you have a Sector Appropriately Registered with Peter & Paul’s Mission?   

Let your Sector Leader know that you want the project adopted as an ‘’ISSUE’’ to be considered at an Evangelising Committee Meeting for Leadership Team funding consideration. Also, ask your “sector” diplomat how much representation your church currently has on the Leadership Team. 

Remember you need to have a” Sector” appropriately registered with Peter & Paul’s Mission to be able to seek support from the mission.