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Peter & Paul’s Mission is a powerful tool that can be deployed to help you promote your upcoming church event. Whether it is physical or financial help you require, Peter & Paul’s Missionaries are ready to serve. Talk to your diplomats in your Sector about having your upcoming church event pursued as an issue by the Evangelising Committee. Also, ask your diplomats to post your upcoming event on the Peter & Paul’s Community calendar.

Major events that require large amounts of manpower and resources will need the combined support of multiple Sectors to run a major event as an “issues campaign” Contact the Ambassador.  The Ambassador is responsible for all the Sectors and meets regularly with every Diplomat in the zone. The Ambassador will be able to identify which Diplomats are likely to support your major campaign as one of their issues. 

The Mission has due process to follow in getting your event supported. If you have been unsuccessful after meeting with the mission Ambassador you can seek a meeting with the Independent Team Member to present your case directly to the Leadership Team.

If you are still having trouble getting your major campaign supported, you can contact either the Guardian or the Watchman or either one of the Presidents who will then discuss it at a Mission Watch meeting before a final decision is made. Mission Watch fosters the campaign “issues”, growing support at a grassroots level. Campaigns are much more effective when momentum is grown from a ground- swelling of support. However for worthy issues Mission Watch may by-pass the Sectors and place your event on the agenda, guaranteeing you get the support your event needs.


Due process of gaining support

Step 1                  Talk to your Diplomat

Step 2                   If unsuccessful Talk to the Missions Ambassador.

Step 3                   Appeal to the Leadership team through the Independent Team Members office.

Step 4                   Appeal to the Watchman or Guardian or either President. 


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