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The Ambassador works with all the local churches that have a Peter & Paul’s Mission Sector registered with them. The Ambassadors task is to represent the mission to the churches and take feedback to Peter & Paul’s Mission's Leadership Team from the church leadership and than  communicate Peter & Paul's Mission policy and resolutions back to church leadership.

All Christian churches can take part in campaigns, all you need is a Sector registered with the mission and two Diplomats. Your church now has a say in the Evangelising Committee and also if they wish at the Leadership Team level. The Evangelising Committee are responsible for sending campaigns or crusades to the Leadership Team for consideration for funding. In essence this committee empowers all Christians to take part in the Great Commission, under authority of their own church.    

Diplomats are leaders of Peter and Paul’s Mission SECTORS. When you become a Peter and Paul’s Mission Diplomat you take control of a SECTOR and receive voting rights on the Evangelising Committee. This committee has a say on how the mission spends money. 

How much say, do you have? It depends on how large your sector is. Some diplomats may have two-hundred votes or even more.

Votes are allotted in two separate ways: one, according to the membership numbers; two, the amount of businesses advertising in the directory.

Firstly, the size of the Sector that you watch over partly determines the number of votes. For instance, a SECTOR with one hundred financial members has ten votes. Secondly, businesses that are in your SECTOR, that are also advertising in the Christian Phone Book, give your SECTOR ten votes. What this means, is, if you have five business people in your SECTOR that are clients of the Christian Phone Book, then they are worth fifty extra votes to your SECTOR. Add this to your one-hundred member sector, then you as the Diplomat take a total of sixty votes to the Evangelising Committee meeting.    

Diplomats take issues that are important to the members of their SECTOR to an Evangelising Committee meeting and try to have issues that are important to their SECTOR members sent up to the Leadership Team for approval and sponsorship. 

What are the issues?

A new bus for the church

Advertise an upcoming church event on TV.

Fund a mission 

Start a campaign in service to the Lord.

Is God Calling You to Serve in the Great Commission with Peter & Paul’s Mission?

Becoming a member of Peter & Paul’s Mission is an excellent way to obey Jesus in His command  to take up the Great Commission. You could choose to make a real difference to your community. There are many personal benefits in being a member of Peter & Paul’s Mission.  


Multiply your social network contacts with people just like you, with the same values and beliefs, from other Christian organisations. 

Serve God

Play your part in the Great Commission

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen. (Matthew 28:18-20)

 Personal Growth and Development

Being a member of Peter & Paul’s Mission gives many opportunities to learn and develop life skills and people management abilities. 


Peter & Paul’s Mission Sectors have fellowship activities that provide a distraction from everyday life such as: discussions, conventions and assemblies. The mission also provides good entertainment in addition to information, learning and service opportunities.

Business Development

Business development - Everyone needs to network. Peter & Paul’s Mission comprises the CBC which represents and promotes the area’s Christian business economy. It encourages business and industrial investment.

The People

Peter & Paul’s Mission is fun; the people make it an enjoyable experience! You will make many lifelong friends – and for Christians, lifelong is life never ending.

Contact Us to join a sector.

To participate in a campaign you must be a registered member of a Peter & Paul’s Mission Sector. You can, as a member of a registered sector of the mission, participate in any campaign that is being run by any sector of the mission. You do not need to resign from your Sector to join another Sector’s campaign. 

As a Sector member of Peter & Paul’s Mission you can operate in any Sector throughout the entire mission. You will have voting rights in the Sectors in which you are campaigning. However, the diplomats have the right to challenge your involvement in their campaign. A challenge is heard by an independent umpire, the Missions Ambassador.

If a diplomat challenges your right to participate in a campaign, and the Ambassador rules in favour of the Diplomats, you must leave that Sector immediately. If you feel that the Ambassador’s ruling is unfair, you can appeal to the Watchman. The Watchman is the chief security officer of the mission, and you should respect his/her final ruling. Mission Watch would be unlikely to overrule the Watchman of the Mission.

If the Ambassador rules against the Diplomats, the Diplomats can also appeal to the Watchman. 

Sector members develop an issue that they want addressed in the community. A lot of these issues may just be petitions and cost almost no money to run. Upon achieving Leadership Team support, the campaign will go live on the website. The Sector running the issue will campaign to other Sectors asking them to sign the petition. The Sector does this by sending members of its body to visit other Sector meetings, asking for that Sector’s support. Those Sector members would be asking all supporters  from all Sectors to email it  to their personal contacts. An issue such as this would go before the Evangelising Committee. If deemed worthy, it would be sent to the Leadership Team which will consider the matter before ordering the activation of the campaign throughout our database.  

Issues that require funding follow the same path as the petition issues.

Issues that require multiple Sector support as well as financial support go from the Sector that is pushing the issue to the Evangelising Committee up to the Ambassador’s committee. Where the Ambassador’s Committee develops the support needed from the multiple Sectors to run either a state wide or national campaign. When the Ambassador has the support required to execute the campaign they lodge the campaign with the senior Leadership Team for consideration and presidential assent. 


By yourself, an individual can achieve very little, politically you can change nothing by yourself. After all, you are just one person. You might be concerned with something that even one of the smallest political parties is campaigning for. As an example you may disagree vehemently with a campaign that the Greens are running. It is only a small political party with no chance of ever forming a Government in its current form. However, with ten thousand members across the country they are giants compared to your singular voice.

What change could you possibly ever bring about? Political parties like the Greens, are just organised members of like-minded people. Those that are prepared to reach out and campaign for what they believe in.

Christians too are organisations of like-minded people we just don’t reach out as passionately as political parties do.  Did you know that according to National Church Life Survey and 2001 census of population and housing, has actually counted and recorded how big the Christian organisation is. Remember the Greens ten thousand membership base across the nation, this pales as insignificant to the one million seven hundred thousand people that attend church weekly across our nation of Australia. This represents nine percent of the nation, yet in the same survey sixty-nine percent of Australians identify themselves as Christians. This is a massive fifteen million one hundred and eighty thousand people out of a population of twenty-two million. Do you still feel insignificant?

How about a major political party, one that can and does form government regularly, with both State and Federal influence. These parties surly have a right to dictate to the rest of us, what is morally right, pass laws commanding us even how to think. After all, it is a democracy isn’t it? Let's compare a major political party membership base in Australia, one that has a broad appeal such as the Australian Labor Party [ALP], with all its union affiliations. The worker's party has a paltry thirty six thousand members.

God’s family in Australia sure does have a massive majority of fifteen million one hundred and eighty thousand people is a lot bigger than thirty-six thousand, do you still feel insignificant? Do you still feel that you can’t bring about change? Then it is time for you to join Reach Out.

Reach Out is all about connecting Christians together in grass-roots campaigns right around our nation. It empowers the Christian voice to bring about real change in our country and beyond. Just like all those small political parties and they are all small organisations compared to us.

"If we organise ourselves into a financial economy of believers. To exert political and social influence to achieve, Christian principles and values in Australian society. While further projecting that organised Christian power into achieving good works in the local, state and federal communities.”  Reach out is part of the vehicle that makes this possible, it is the united Christian voice. If you want to make real changes happen join a sector.