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Registered Sectors throughout the City/ Town where the mission is operational have an important task to fulfil within the Ambassadors grass roots campaign.

The Diplomats meet monthly with the Ambassador in what Peter & Paul's Mission refer to as the Ambassadors committee.

The Ambassadors Committee is one of four major committees of the Peter & Paul's Mission and can be found in the mission structure charts as well as our constitution. The Ambassador Committees responsibility entails the building and maintaining bridges to the local Christian churches where the mission is operational.

Another responsibility of the Ambassador’s Committee is their grass roots campaigning; this involves campaigns which are sanctioned by the Leadership Team. The Ambassadors policy committee organises the Sectors into grids spread out inside the City/ Towns that the mission is operational in.

The Ambassadors Committees task in this grass roots campaigning is to assign every Sector to a “grid” or a certain area of the City/Town that a Sector is then responsible for.

The strategy is to throw  a “fishing net “over the whole operational area of the Peter & Paul's Mission enabling us all to become “fishers of men”.

The Sectors responsible for the grid take into account the socio-economic racial, age, crime rate, demonic influence, in their zone or grid. They tailor campaigns in the form of leaflets to be first approved by their Sector by a majority vote. The Ambassadors Committee will then consider the approved campaign at their next meeting, where Diplomats from all Sectors meet with the Ambassador to consider the campaign. They also pass this campaign by majority vote; the campaign then moves us into the Leadership Team where the Ambassadors policy committee sit. The campaign then must pass this policy committee by majority vote before it reaches the Leadership Team executive. The Leadership Team executive then check that all the missions examinations are completed correctly and before passing the campaign onto Mission Watch on its way to Presidential ascent.  

This process is the Missions five check system, it is a process of five examinations by different bodies which is the method that Peter & Paul's Mission use to filter and scrutinise how the mission invests the Lords money. Each of these bodies has a prayer leader that is responsible for leading each individual body in prayer prior to the commencement of business. 

Although each Sector is responsible for a grid or an area of the Town or City that the mission is operational in, the Sectors responsibility is just to plan the campaign, taking into account the socio-economic racial, age, and crime rate, demonic influence, in their zone or grid. Once the campaign has been approved it is then printed and distributed. Peter & Paul's Mission call on all members of the mission to distribute the campaign in their street/street s. 

What this means is that you will probably be delivering a leaflet in your street that may have been designed by another Sector. However because of our five check system that examines and scrutinises every campaign you can have confidence that the campaign is scripturally based and approved by the missions Leadership Team. This is made up of church leaders from all participating churches.

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If you are not a member of a Sector, to serve the Lord by participating in the Ambassadors leaflet campaign you need to join a Sector first.

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