Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


Every Sector will have the responsibility for a “Grid”, a grid is simply an area of town in which that Sector is responsible for maintaining the Peter & Pauls Mission “fishing net.” We simply can’t be professional fishers of men if our nets are not maintained properly. Maintenance of the fishing net program is done by the Sector campaign with grass roots campaigning. See Ambassadors Leaflet Campaign.

These are campaigns that have passed through the Missions five check system a process of five examinations from different bodies is the method that Peter & Pauls Mission use to filter and scrutinise how the missions invests the Lords money. Removing any one person from committing the mission to a single “issue”.

The Sector in command of a grid after delivering a campaign into their grid will also be responsible for organising a Sector BBQ for that grid zone. The BBQ will be advertised in advance on the Sectors issue leaflet campaign that has been printed and distributed to every house and unit under the fishing net. 

These BBQ’s will invite the unsaved to join the Welcome Wagon and visit a different participating church each week.  See Welcome Wagon.

The Mission will continue to register Sectors until the Leadership Team have enough Sectors to be able to cast the fishing net over the entire City/ Town that the mission is operational in. 


Where and when is my next Sector BBQ?  See the Calendar.