Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


Print campaigns are run regularly by the Peter & Paul’s Mission. They are fun and exciting, and help to make a real difference to the “issues” our “Sectors” are campaigning for.

The Peter & Paul’s Mission has a committee made up of members from the General Member Chamber. The General Member’s Chamber is a body of people who have been sent to the mission by participating churches who have a “Sector” registered with the mission. The General Member’s Chamber comprises the representatives at the head of the mission’s judiciary. Referred to as the Leadership Team, they are responsible for the day to day running of the mission, and to ensure mission policies and programs are being implemented and obeyed.

The committee we call the “Media Committee”  has the job to design television commercials and/or any other marketing, once all the missions internal examinations have been completed and approved by all the mission’s authorised management groups.

Print campaigns currently running can be found by clicking Ambassador’s Committee.