Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


Cairns has around 15,000 strongly active Christians regularly attending church. These thousands of consumers form a core base of loyal customers and represent only around 9% of Cairns’ population. In the latest census a massive 64% of Australians identified themselves as Christians. There is no doubt that the Christian market is huge, yet most don’t attend church. Therefore, in our market footprint we don’t even count them; we just count the ones that are strongly active and attend church regularly. That’s a total potential market of 15,000 loyal and dedicated new customers directed to your business regularly. 

The Peter & Paul’s Mission develops sectors in all participating churches that are responsible for making sure we encourage the congregation to shop only from the directory. The directory has a ‘policeman’ that ensures members of the directory don’t bring the phone book into disrepute ensuring that the advertiser’s investment in the directory is protected. Go to the following link and have a look at McCrindle Research, which is a professional research agency. Their qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research is based on scientific methods and best practice research standards. They are committed to accuracy in the gathering, analysis and presentation of research data; it is at the very foundation of what they do.

Now that you have finished looking at what the experts say, to truly see the size of this market footprint, look at it being charted throughout Cairns’ suburbs. The phonebook has thousands of active sales representatives promoting and supporting the phonebook throughout the Cairns’ region. They are guided by Peter & Paul’s Mission sectors in all participating churches. A sales force of thousands is developing your business.