Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


There are big advantages to being certified in the Christian Phone Book, if your business is certified you go to the front of your category listing. The Christian Phone Book lists it’s traders in the following ways.

Firstly the phone Directory Committee gives preference in your category providing that you are certified.  What this means  is if your business was a plumbing business and three other Christian plumbers who were certified were already advertising in the directory your business name will appear forth in your category. A Christian Painter and Decorator who is certified and was first in their category advertising in the Christian phone book their trading name will appear first in their category.  All future Painter and decorators who advertise later in the Christian Phone Book will be placed after in the order that they have joined the Christian Phone Book. The only exception is if the business was not certified it goes to the end of the category listing.

A certified trader has a clear advantage over traders who are not certified. It is important to be aware that certification can only occur when the owners or managers are regular attendees of church and their ministers confirms with Peter & Pauls Mission Ltd that they are regular attendees and of good character. Sometimes people stop attending church or move to another church, if you move to another church you must contact the Watchman’s office immediately. If the Watchman becomes aware that you are no longer attending church, your certification status will be terminated and your advertisement will be moved behind the certified traders in your category.

Certification is easy, print this form, and take it to your church have your pastor sign it declaring it to be true and correct. Then email it to the missions Watchman for verification.