Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


The Christian Business Chamber [CBC] hosts Rapid Trade Breakfasts or [RTB] for their members. Where business to business contact occurs over a hearty breakfast, where members can exchange contacts as well as new marketing initiatives between members. These RBT’s are an excellent way for a new Christian or a Christian new to town, or a Christian new to business to establish a network of Christian business contacts. The network of RTB’s provides the member with a valuable core group of advisers and supporters for their business.

In addition to the RTB’s the Christian Business Chamber [CBC] hosts a monthly luncheon where all Christian business people come together in a larger group. These lunches are an informative and stimulating experience. Speakers are carefully chosen by the CBC policy committee to inform and educate and encourage the membership base on a range of topics.

The CBC policy committee strives to have a full social calendar of events. Complementing the RTBs, and the monthly lunch is the CBC’s best event hosted.


The Best Event Hosted


This is the coveted title that all Tribes in the C.B.C battle to capture; the prize is set by the Leadership Team.

These strategies are designed to foster strong and loyal relations from the Christian business community to the Peter and Paul’s Mission as well as a feeling of belonging to the C.B.C and fraternal bonds to their Christian business Tribe.

The winner of The Best Event Hosted is chosen by the most tickets sold to the event.

Members of the Tribe are responsible for planning the event marketing and selling the event to other members of the C.B.C. This way the C.B.C always has events on, that promote fraternal bonds within its membership.

Building the loyalty to the mission is extremely important, and the constitution of the mission has a whole committee devoted to it. This makes sure that what the Peter and Paul’s Mission puts together stays together.

The work load of planning a social calendar needed to foster fraternal bonds is also fairly shared between all members, and nobody suffers burn-out from constantly planning events that always seem to get bigger with each event.

Once Tickets have been sold to C.B.C members [by the Tribe whose turn it is to host the monthly event] that tribe responsible for hosting then starts selling tickets to their business suppliers and other contacts whom their business has connections with. This is how they have the best chance of winning the trophy, by selling tickets to non C.B.C business people.