Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


The CBC represents and promotes the area’s Christian business economy. It encourages business and industrial investment. The mission statement for the CBC is “Our Businesses Are a Gift from God; Let’s Work to Give Back to The Kingdom of God”.

Building loyalty to the mission is extremely important, and the constitution of the mission has a whole committee devoted to it. This makes sure that what the Peter and Paul’s Mission put together, stays together.

The workload of planning a social calendar needed to foster fraternal bonds is also fairly shared between all members to ensure nobody suffers burn out from constantly planning events that always seem to get bigger with each event.

The Directory Committee employs Trade Commissioners to encourage the BODY to support their brothers and sisters in business. These Trade Commissioners will run home shows, an internet catalogue and the CBC newsletter to other Christians. The Trade Commissioners will sell home show spots and newsletter ads plus organise other functions and events to promote the region’s Christian economy.

The Christian Business Chamber (CBC) is the headquarters of the local Christian Business Community. It develops strong fraternal bonds between Christian Business people offering support, encouragement, and security to its membership. The membership fosters and nurtures the development of the Christian Phone book and the mission into other cities and towns. The Christian Business Chamber is the foundation that supports  Peter & Paul’s Mission. 

Other services the CBC offers are:

  • Provision of useful business contacts,
  • Events and consistent networking activities which will include a regular Chamber lunch with relative speakers,
  • Business courses and seminars,
  • Monitoring new legislation that might impact on members’ interests,
  • Business referrals to newcomers,
  • Business-to-business referrals.
  • Community Calendar