Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


The Christian Business Chamber [CBC] represents and promotes the zone’s Christian business economy. The CBC encourages business and industrial investment. An important part of the CBC is its Cabinet. 

The Cabinet is made up of ten people selected by the CBC policy committee, who form part of the Leadership Team.  Policy Committee members are not allowed to serve in the cabinet.

The Policy Committee will give tasks to the Cabinet such as opening up a CBC in the next zone. The Policy Committee will be responsible for drafting the agenda and any terms of reference that may apply to the task given to the Cabinet.  

The Policy Committee will send this Cabinet into solitude, away from all distractions of family and business, as often as necessary until their mission is accomplished. Peter & Paul’s Mission Ltd will pay all of the expenses of the Cabinet while on these weekend work missions. 

The Policy Committee, in return for receiving the services of the best possible business minds in the CBC, will make the work missions an enjoyable and attractive experience. 

Any member of the CBC can approach their policy committee for a seat in the Cabinet. The Cabinet does not pay a wage and the work is done for the Lord voluntarily. Cabinet duties are an enjoyable break from the grind of everyday life. The solitude trips are a surprise, planned by the policy committee to be enjoyable.  Expenses such as airfares, accommodation and meals are all paid for while you are in solitude with your other Cabinet members.    

The mission only has one Cabinet; complex business tasks are handed to this cabinet. Where the mission has multiple CBC’s, one for each Zone, there will only ever be one Cabinet. Any member of any CBC can approach their policy committee to serve in the Cabinet. If you are a gifted and skilled entrepreneur or a skilled administrator you may even find your Policy Committee approaching you asking you, to serve in the Cabinet. If Peter& Paul’s Mission Ltd around Australia had fifty zones registered and each of those zones had a CBC who had a membership of around five hundred business people that would total twenty-five thousand business people from which the mission can select just ten members for its Cabinet. 

The Cabinet gives Peter & Paul’s Mission Ltd a think tank of ten of the Christian economy’s best minds to solve complex business and legal issues. If you think that you can contribute and serve at a  Cabinet level, contact your CBC to register your interest.