Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


To participate in a campaign you must be a registered member of a Peter & Paul’s Mission Sector. You can, as a member of a registered sector of the mission, participate in any campaign that is being run by any sector of the mission. You do not need to resign from your Sector to join another Sector’s campaign. 

As a Sector member of Peter & Paul’s Mission you can operate in any Sector throughout the entire mission. You will have voting rights in the Sectors in which you are campaigning. However, the diplomats have the right to challenge your involvement in their campaign. A challenge is heard by an independent umpire, the Missions Ambassador.

If a diplomat challenges your right to participate in a campaign, and the Ambassador rules in favour of the Diplomats, you must leave that Sector immediately. If you feel that the Ambassador’s ruling is unfair, you can appeal to the Watchman. The Watchman is the chief security officer of the mission, and you should respect his/her final ruling. Mission Watch would be unlikely to overrule the Watchman of the Mission.

If the Ambassador rules against the Diplomats, the Diplomats can also appeal to the Watchman. 

Sector members develop an issue that they want addressed in the community. A lot of these issues may just be petitions and cost almost no money to run. Upon achieving Leadership Team support, the campaign will go live on the website. The Sector running the issue will campaign to other Sectors asking them to sign the petition. The Sector does this by sending members of its body to visit other Sector meetings, asking for that Sector’s support. Those Sector members would be asking all supporters  from all Sectors to email it  to their personal contacts. An issue such as this would go before the Evangelising Committee. If deemed worthy, it would be sent to the Leadership Team which will consider the matter before ordering the activation of the campaign throughout our database.  

Issues that require funding follow the same path as the petition issues.

Issues that require multiple Sector support as well as financial support go from the Sector that is pushing the issue to the Evangelising Committee up to the Ambassador’s committee. Where the Ambassador’s Committee develops the support needed from the multiple Sectors to run either a state wide or national campaign. When the Ambassador has the support required to execute the campaign they lodge the campaign with the senior Leadership Team for consideration and presidential assent.