Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


All Christian churches can take part in campaigns, all you need is a Sector registered with the mission and two Diplomats. Your church now has a say in the Evangelising Committee and also if they wish at the Leadership Team level. The Evangelising Committee are responsible for sending campaigns or crusades to the Leadership Team for consideration for funding. In essence this committee empowers all Christians to take part in the Great Commission, under authority of their own church.    

Diplomats are leaders of Peter and Paul’s Mission SECTORS. When you become a Peter and Paul’s Mission Diplomat you take control of a SECTOR and receive voting rights on the Evangelising Committee. This committee has a say on how the mission spends money. 

How much say, do you have? It depends on how large your sector is. Some diplomats may have two-hundred votes or even more.

Votes are allotted in two separate ways: one, according to the membership numbers; two, the amount of businesses advertising in the directory.

Firstly, the size of the Sector that you watch over partly determines the number of votes. For instance, a SECTOR with one hundred financial members has ten votes. Secondly, businesses that are in your SECTOR, that are also advertising in the Christian Phone Book, give your SECTOR ten votes. What this means, is, if you have five business people in your SECTOR that are clients of the Christian Phone Book, then they are worth fifty extra votes to your SECTOR. Add this to your one-hundred member sector, then you as the Diplomat take a total of sixty votes to the Evangelising Committee meeting.    

Diplomats take issues that are important to the members of their SECTOR to an Evangelising Committee meeting and try to have issues that are important to their SECTOR members sent up to the Leadership Team for approval and sponsorship. 

What are the issues?

A new bus for the church

Advertise an upcoming church event on TV.

Fund a mission 

Start a campaign in service to the Lord.