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Our logo of the Maltese cross in the background wasn't just plucked off a computer screen. It was chosen carefully by Mission Watch. It has distinctive, wedge-shaped arms, which look very much like fish tails. Some knights in the Middle Ages used the Maltese cross; it was the emblem of the knights of Saint John. During the first crusade, the order became a religious and military order under its own charter, and it was charged with the care and defence of the Holy Land. The eight-pointed cross is a symbol used by the knights to denote their chivalric obligations or aspirations. The four arrows meet together to form the Maltese cross, and the eight points that they lived by were:

1. Loyalty

2. Piety

3. Honesty

4. Bravery

5. Honour

6. Self-Sacrifice

7. Charity for the poor and the sick

8. Respect for the church.

While they defended Christians and cared for the sick and the poor a long time ago, their finger prints are all over society today. The emblem is used for military medals, and, of course, the ambulances of the world and countless Christian missions use it. These are the aspirations that inspire Peter & Paul's Mission. Let's unite, let's come together just like the Knights of Saint John who have proven that there is no limit to the impact of their mission. Help us to continue to build this Christian economy, pick up the aspirations from the Knights of St John. Join with us in the “There is no limit to the impact" campaign and make a real difference to our nation by obeying the commandment of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Get active in the Great Commission today!