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Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


The Leadership Team comprises the city/town managers of the mission who meet regularly to make decisions on the operations of the mission. Each city or town has their own Leadership Team and fall under the executive of the Zone Council. For example, Mossman and Atherton will have different Leadership Teams but will fall under the authority of the Cairns branch which is where the Zone Council sits. Leadership Teams from Cardwell to Cooktown will take their lead from the Zone Council of the Cairns Leadership Team. This will continue in Townsville as the next Zone Council. Rockhampton has another Zone Council and so forth. 

The Evangelising Committee, made up of members from other churches that have joined the mission (see Ambassador’s dossier), will request funding from the Leadership Team for local missions that are promoting the Kingdom and the gospel message to their local communities. The Leadership Team considers campaigns from the Evangelising Committee as to which ones to approve. The Leadership Team needs to consider both strategy and cost of the campaign. The Leadership Team also needs to consider potential repercussions of such a campaign being funded. The Leadership Team is the missions’ back line defence in both wasting money, i.e.: can the campaign be done cheaper? and how the secular world would view the missions activities: Is the mission offending anyone unnecessarily? Will the campaign breach any of the nation’s laws? The Leadership Team may need to get legal advice before approving some campaigns. Once the Leadership Team is satisfied that the campaign is worthy of financial support, they forward it to a Mission Watch meeting for approval. 

The Leadership Team also makes executive decisions at their meetings on The Christian Business Chamber (CBC) and the enterprise arm of the mission: The Christian Phone Book, which is supported by the following scripture:

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Eph. 2:10 (NIV)


 The benefits to the attendees of your church are numerous:


Business People You Know You Can Trust!


  • Confidence that the business people they are dealing with live by the beliefs and teachings of the Christian faith
  • Promotion of Christian goodwill between the Christian churches in the Cairns region from Mossman in the north, Cardwell in the south and the Atherton Tablelands in the west
  • Protection for your parishioners through the application of well-thought out and formalised policies which will effectively ‘police’ all businesses listed within the Christian Phonebook to ensure they meet, and are acting to accordance with, the expectations and conditions required
  • Online access means that no one will miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the use of the Christian Phonebook for their families
  • Businesses will be able to list with the Christian Phonebook at any time due to its online platform


With millions of dollars of funds, the Leadership Team is responsible for maintaining the directory and preparing advertising to promote the truth of our Lord’s kingdom to unbelievers who have been deceived by Satan and his world into believing evolution and its lie.

If the President invites your church to install members onto the Leadership Team Board, please send your best business-minded, man of God to represent your church.

This Mission is commissioned by God to take part in the Great Commission (see Matthew 28:18), so all Leadership Team members must be watchful , as it is  the Lord we represent, not our church.   

The President of the mission has the final say as to whether or not your nominations to the Leadership Team can be installed.

If the President of the mission asks your church to remove one or more of your nominations, you will have seven days to replace the uninstalled Leadership Team members. It is important to remember to nominate replacements because of the Leadership Team’s policy of 100% attendance on the executive. The President of the Mission may install another church’s nomination to comply with this policy.

When choosing whom to nominate to the President of the mission for Leadership Team service, you should look for proven members of your church with the right qualifications {spiritual leadership and  business leadership} that have a proven, previous history of being able to work as part of a team.

People skills are important as the President will remove people from the Leadership Team that are frustrating or slowing down progress unreasonably.