Faith Based

Non-Denominational Not for Profit Organisation


Peter and Paul’s Mission are Christian campaigners. Through your membership of Peter & Paul’s Mission your Christian voice can be heard and counted. By yourself, it's tough to change anything, but when you combine your voice to the fifteen million Christians in Australia, your voice is amplified and you can make a real difference. Remember all it takes for the kingdom of darkness to triumph over lost souls is for the Christian heartland to do nothing.

The Peter and Paul's Mission work with local churches, who develop campaigns or crusades then the churches send their Diplomats to Peter and Paul's Mission to secure funding for the campaigns.  Imagine thousands of loyal and dedicated practicing Christians all being involved in the "Great Commission", every week of the year that's the power of Peter and Paul's Mission,  1Cor14:40.


Multiply your social network contacts with people just like you, with the same values and beliefs, from other Christian organisations. 


Peter & Paul’s Mission Sectors have fellowship activities that provide a distraction from everyday life such as: discussions, conventions and assemblies. The mission also provides good entertainment in addition to information, learning and service opportunities.

The People

Peter & Paul’s Mission is fun; the people make it an enjoyable experience! You will make many lifelong friends – and for Christians, lifelong is life never ending.

To join the Peter and Paul’s Mission you must first join the General Assembly Members Chamber by signing the mission oath, which the mission secretary or substitute will read at a swearing-in private meeting with new Peter and Paul’s Mission supporters. 

General Assembly members to the mission are encouraged to join the mission from the local churches in the region of a host church, but membership is open to all members who wish to play their part in the Great Commission.

The purpose of the General Assembly Member is to support the mission with both prayer and the recommendation to others in the community of the services and support offered by the Mission.

General Assembly Members have no voting rights at the Leadership Team level. However, they are encouraged to approach members of the Leadership Team with suggestions and opportunities to extend the work of the Mission. 

General Assembly Members are encouraged but not obligated to become involved with different committees as the Lord leads them.

Consumers who utilise The Phone Book

Should be aware that the Christian Phone Book is a high quality directory of ethical business operators. Who have agreed by memorandum of understanding to a strict code of conduct. This code of conduct is policed by The Independent Team Member and Trade Commissioners and is the consumers guarantee that they are trading with businesses that are trustworthy. 

Peter & Paul's Mission discourage consumers haggling of prices quoted. Under the memorandum of understanding advertisers agree to charge the same price in the directory as they do in the open market. Consumers should compare the quality of the product or service that they are purchasing rather than expecting the Christian trader to supply a product or service in competition to a lesser quality product or service. In other words compare apples with apples and always remember that these are your Christian brothers and sisters. Don't make unfair demands on them. These traders are already contributing greatly to the Christian community through the fees that they pay the mission. Empowering Peter and Pauls Mission to continue  promoting the work of Christ.